Chaldal is a technology company with the vision of building impactful technology in the developing world. We are a bunch of curious, hard-core engineers who believe that there are plenty of fundamental problems that technology can solve in the developing world.

While most of you know Chaldal.com as an online grocery delivery service, at its core, what we are is a technology company. Our vision is to develop society by building impactful technology; there are plenty of fundamental problems that technology can solve that can make the lives of millions of people better – from farmers, to office-goers and even our grandparents.

In 2019, we started working with The UN World Food Programme to supply nutrition to the Rohingya refugee camp, and with various government development agencies (local and international) to structure Bangladesh's perishable supply chain and create a mobile-app powered wholesale markets for road-side retailers. Some of our partners are The Bangladesh Government, UNDP, USAID and The UK Department for International Development. We are also backed by The World Bank Group and Y Combinator.

Our Team

While we strive to make positive global impact, we are geeks at heart and love being at the bleeding-edge of technology. We believe software development itself can be better, and have dedicated technical research teams that experiment with home-grown frameworks, algorithms, thought processes, programming languages and DSLs. We run our own cloud in local data centers and work directly with country-wide information infrastructure providers.

Our engineering team is lean with 30 engineers spanning across 5 teams Customer Experience, Delivery Operations, Supply Chain Operations, Infrastructure and Special Projects with team members placed in Bangladesh, US, Singapore, New Zealand, Japan, Switzerland and Australia.

Customer Experience

This team manages the customer-facing areas of Chaldal.com that you may be most familiar with. This includes the website, iOS & Android mobile applications, APIs, high-speed catalog and search etc. If you have a passion for working directly with end-users of the platform, and for programming user interfaces, or if you like to think about search algorithms, knowledge graphs and high-scale low-latency services, you will enjoy being part of this team.

Supply Chain Operations

This team is responsible for building the technology that moves perishable and non-perishable products from farmers, manufacturers, and distributors through our warehouses and eventually to your doorstep. This team also runs an online wholesale market for retailers, known as the Chaldal Fresh Network. You will get to work with forecasting and machine learning algorithms that help predicting the demand of a product and the re-balancing of a product through our network of warehouses.

Delivery Operations

Once it is time for an order to be delivered, how does it make it from our warehouses to your home?

This team manages the technology that runs the entire dispatch and delivery process of orders through three key systems - the dispatch system that helps assemble the order at the warehouse, the routing system that groups orders together and plots a route using combinatorial optimization algorithms and the delivery fleet management system that tracks our large fleet of delivery associates. You will get to work on cost-optimization problems, on-time delivery, multi-dimensional vehicular routing, task assignment and incentivization systems


Chaldal runs our software on our own servers in our own data centers. Reliability and resilience is managed by running dedicated high speed optical fibers between our data centers. We peer directly with all major ISPs in Bangladesh to offer our customers the best possible experience. Our network reaches our 30+ warehouses and over half a dozen offices around the country. Furthermore, we link our warehouses to our data centers directly by Bangabandhu Satellite-1. The infrastructure team manages this large network and all our servers, routers, switches, on top of other foundational services such as our content delivery networks, firewalls, deployment systems and security systems.

Special Projects Incubator

This is our Research & Development Division. We routinely experiment with new initiatives, such as home-grown frameworks, algorithms, thought processes, programming languages and DSLs. We are prominent in the global F# Ecosystem and contributors to open-source projects. This team is our startup incubator that has churned out projects based on our in-house platform. When projects become large enough, a team is formed around it and it graduates to a full-scope team. Protocol, Cookups, Dispatcher and Logistics systems all started in this incubator.


E-Commerce Platform

The world's first 1-hour and 15-minute grocery delivery service, serving quarter million households in the world's most densely populated city, Chaldal.com thrives in chaos. We strive to offer the best prices and maintain the highest standards of quality, a monumental task that is a work-in-progress.

Supply Chain Platform

The Vegetable Network connects small rural farmers with small urban retailers by reimagining a supply chain driven by technology. Our aim is to protect farmers from volatile markets, improve the working conditions of retailers and minimize wastage.

Social Impact Platform

We work with The World Food Programme to feed the world's largest refugee camp. This involves extending efficient supply chains to previously-uninhabited areas, providing thousands of tons of food and developing better nutrition in highly impoverished communities.

Fulfillment Platform

We pioneered the concept of micro-warehouses to serve the daily needs of a quarter million families within an hour in the world's most densely populated city. These micro-warehouses use advanced algorithms to predict stock and automatically balance inventory between themselves.

GoGo Bangla
Logistics Platform

GoGo Bangla is a e-commerce delivery service that leverages Chaldal's vast logistics network to support the operations of a dozen large e-commerce stores and hundreds of online merchants. We support deliveries, pick-ups, exchanges and other ad-hoc activities.

Messaging Platform

Protocol is an enterprise messaging platform that coordinates the activities of our growing employee base where solutions such as Slack, email and ticketing systems have proven to be highly ineffective, either due to their complexity or pricing.

Ridesharing Platform

Chalao is designed as a ethical ride-sharing platform to augment our logistics network, where drivers are compensated for the time spent on the platform, with the possibility of full-time employment with benefits.

Thoughtful Dining Platform

Cookups delivers home-cooked, made-to-order food from the finest cooks in the city. 95 % of our cooks are female who had never earned before joining Cookups. We bring you food that reminds you of your grandma's recipes or lets you taste what Masterchef shows on television.

Data Centers
Meta Platform

We run our own servers in local data centers connected over high-speed leased lines, and expose a cloud interface to our engineers and partners. We believe in data locality and find public clouds just too darn expensive to serve the developing world.


We started off with groceries just because food is the most fundamental and most-complex problem for all. Solving for food and minimizing wastage requires that we build technology into the food supply and distribution pipeline, all the way from farmers down to the last-mile delivery driver who can drop off your food. Once we solve for food, we’ll move onto other problems – perhaps we’ll become an Internet Service Provider or get into healthcare. This is where YOU come in.

At Chaldal, we believe that most power should lie with the software engineers; not the CEO, not MBAs, but YOU, the software engineer who cares.

This core philosophy drives the way our organization works; in an ideal setup, YOU, the software engineer will not only write the code, but will also understand the requirements, will work with the design and product team, and will launch your software with the assistance of the ground operations team. Based on how well the software is solving the problems, YOU, the software engineer may decide to deploy hot fixes to patch up systems or schedule additional work. YOU, the software engineer, will drive the system forward, because YOU know how the system works, and how the system can be changed.

Junior Software Engineer (Fresh Graduate)


As a junior software engineer, you will learn the latest cutting edge technologies such as F#, .NET Core, React, React Native and TypeScript. You will also have the opportunity to learn from and be mentored by very experienced engineers. Our rapidly expanding business will allow you to work on and improve our highly scalable and efficient software systems.

Expectations and Requirements:

  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science - recently completed or completing in the next 4months
  • Curiosity and love for technology and programming.
  • A passion to make the world a better place through building technology systems.
  • A willingness to be responsible for your work.
  • Mutual respect for other team members who are.
  • A never-ending desire to learn and grow.
  • Intermediate to advanced competence with at least one programming language.


  • Competitive salary
  • Fun work environment
  • Mentorship and career growth




We welcome students to kick-start their careers by interning with us. We accept interns from all stages, whether you have just enrolled in university, or whether you are just about to graduate. We simply ask that interns be prepared to work at least 4 days a week, 8hours a day. Successful interns have the option of transitioning into a full-time role at Chaldal


  • Bachelor's degree in Computer Science - recently completed or completing in the next year
  • Excellent communication skills in verbal and written English
  • Curiosity and love for technology and programming.
  • A passion to make the world a better place through building technology systems.
  • A willingness to be responsible for your work.
  • Mutual respect for other team members who are.
  • A never-ending desire to learn and grow.
  • Intermediate to advanced competence with at least one programming language.


  • Opportunity to convert to full-time position when you graduate
  • Always have new challenges to work on
  • Mentorship and career growth
  • Gain experience with scalable innovative software systems



What qualities are you looking for in a candidate?

Every Chaldal Engineer strives to produce high quality engineering. An engineer will thrive in Chaldal if they

  • Deeply care about the product they are building.
  • Are curious about exploring technology and learning new ideas.
  • Care about their code and have a strong sense of ownership.
  • Constantly look for ways to improve and grow
  • Intermediate to advanced competence with at least one programming language.

What are you looking for in the assignment stage / how is my assignment evaluated?

The objective of the assignment is to understand how you write code and to see if it has an overlap with how folks at Chaldal write code. Assignments are validated based on how closely they adhere to the specification document and the evaluation criteria is detailed in the engineering standards document that you will receive with the assignment.

Since the assignment is crafted to identify individual styles, we can detect plagiarism easily. If detected, all parties will be disqualified immediately

What can I expect in the interview?

Interviewing styles differ based on interviewers. You can usually expect questions on algorithms, data structures and system architecture. We don’t expect perfect code and are primarily looking to understand your thought process and how you approach problem solving. We recommend you talk through and communicate openly while you are solving problems.

If I am selected, what will my first few months look like in Chaldal?

Most fresh graduates join as a Level 1 Engineer. A few candidates who have demonstrated excellence in real-world internships may be offered a starting Level 2 Engineering position. During their first month, a new employee will focus primarily on fine-tuning their problem-solving skills through training. We believe in a mentorship-based culture. So, you will be paired with an onboarding mentor and will report to a team lead. You will receive constructive feedback on every piece of code you push to production

What does my career path in Chaldal look like?

Chaldal engineers have a well-defined career path where they progress from Level 1 to Level 6, and we expect most engineers to clear one level approximately once every year.

Performance feedback sessions are scheduled every 3 months to evaluate the engineer’s progress to the next level, with expectations clearly communicated. If the engineer is consistently performing at a higher level for more than 6 months, they are promoted.

Beyond Level 6, engineers can choose to continue deeper into the technical path, and progress up to Level 10, where they are awarded the title “Technical Fellow”, or they can choose to apply their technical skills into broader horizons such as product development or engineering management.

Both paths are equally valued by our company: those who pursue technical depths will have opportunities to work on deeply technical concepts such as programming language compilers, artificial intelligence, and framework design; and those who pursue technical breadth will have an opportunity to lead entire business divisions such as Logistics or Pharmacy.

And just like in computer game, the levels will get more challenging as they progress,with the stakes much bigger and the victories much sweeter :)

I applied before but was not shortlisted, can I apply again?

If you have received a rejection email, you can re-apply after 3 months. We recommend you take the time to fine-tune your problem-solving skills. You can improve the quality of your code by learning more about the following concepts: domain-driven design, separation of concerns, clean code, and functional programming.

I have additional questions.

Reach out to our Chaldal Outreach Team at [email protected]


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